9Tail Fox

9Tail Fox

Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Synopsis of 9Tail Fox

Sergeant Bobby Zha of the SFPD is desperate to find out who murdered him. But he also needs the answers to some other questions. Like, why is he in another man's body? Why is someone trying to kill him, again... And why is he being haunted by a nine-tailed Celestial fox? From the shell-shattered ruins of Stalingrad in 1942 to the present-day politics of San Francisco's Chinatown, 9Tail Fox is evocative of place and crystal-clear in its depiction of character.

Reviews of 9Tail Fox


...a beautifully crafted mystery, full of twists, surprises and loads of atmosphere... -- Colleen Cahill, SFRevu

Rich and interesting, like all Grimwood novels, 9Tail Fox leaves a very unique after-image. -- Sandy Auden, Scifi.com

... goes sour in the end as the Book boils away in a melange of flavor which reveals an unsatisfying lack of substance underneath. -- Mark Teppo, Strange Horizons

... a tremendous read... -- John Toon, Infinity Plus