American Beauty: Stories

American Beauty: Stories

Allen M. Steele

Synopsis of American Beauty: Stories

10 Short Stories by Allen M. Steele"Agape among the Robots" - A satire on human relationships. "Green Acres" - alternate history where pot is legal."Graceland" - an addition to Farmer's Riverworld"Warning, Warning" - a Lost in Space homage."Tom Swift and His Humongous Mechanical Dude" - Tom Swift Jr satire."Jake and the Enemy" - Robots vs. dogs "A Walk Across Mars" - a spin off of Tranquillity Alternative "Missing Time" - urban decay

Reviews of American Beauty: Stories


Steele is a talented craftsman who always provides full measure of reading fun. -- Paul Di Filippo,

Allen Steele demonstrates his versatility in the collection American Beauty. -- Steven H Silver, SF site