Angel-Seeker: A Novel of Samaria

Angel-Seeker: A Novel of Samaria

Sharon Shinn

Synopsis of Angel-Seeker: A Novel of Samaria

Elizabeth was born to wealth, but circumstances forced her to live as a servant in her cousin's household. Determined to change her life, she travels to the town of Cedar Hills, hoping that an angel will take notice of her, and take her as his own.

Rebekah is a daughter of the Jansai tribe, raised to hate the angels. But when she finds an injured angel near her village, she defies her upbringing to care for him.

In time, these two women, whose paths will cross, will both find what they long for, in surprising-and dangerous-ways.

Reviews of Angel-Seeker: A Novel of Samaria


If you are looking for a Romance with a few traces of science fiction, this would be the perfect Book... -- Samuel Lubell, SFRevu

There is enough romance in this novel to appeal to fans of this genre without disappointing those who prefer a solid science fiction tale. -- Harriet Klausner,

Angel-Seeker is another romantic and enthralling Samarian adventure. -- Hilary Williamson, Bookloons

With its blend of genres, vibrant characters, and engaging stories, it fulfills all my fiction wants. -- Lola Sparks, Italics