Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds

Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds

David A. Hardy

Synopsis of Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds

Who was the mysterious stranger who helped injured Londoners during the Blitz ... and then vanished?

Who was the beautiful blonde girl who blazed like a supernova on the 1970s psychedelic rock scene for a few weeks ... and then vanished?

How could an astronaut have reached Mars decades before the first manned expedition to the planet finds her body there? Have all humanity's dreams of a majestic ancient Martian civilization been more than just dreams? Is the future of the human race at stake?

Reviews of Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds


To sum Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds up: it's not going to win awards, it's not going to cause a stir in the world of science fiction, it's not going to be talked about endlessly over the next few years by devoted fans nor will it ever feature on one of the "Favourite Read" programs that seem to be cropping up on television withe some frequency at the moment, but it should prove entertaining to readers of hard sf. -- Steve Mazey, The Alien Online