Banner of Souls

Banner of Souls

Liz Williams

Synopsis of Banner of Souls

One of Spectra's most imaginative and talented Authors now takes us on a phantasmagoric journey into a strange future fueled by haunt-tech: a technology which works by harnessing energy from of the realm of the dead. But who are the mysterious race known as the Kami who brought haunt-tech to earth? Saviors from another world, or something else entirely? And how does the child named Lunae who can manipulate time with a thought fit into the puzzle? It is up to the Martian warrior Dreams-of-War to answer these questions before life as she knows it comes to an end.

Reviews of Banner of Souls


Banner of Souls is an outstanding novel, sweeping in scope, full of adventure and intrigue. -- Cathy Green, SFRevu

Futuristic sci fi fans will appreciate this powerful novel. -- Harriet Klausner

This is a very complicated background ... almost too complicated, but Liz Williams does bring off Banner of Souls (paper from Bantam) with verve and elan. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, The Coffee Cramp Reviews

Stick with it and it's rewarding -- Andy Stout, SF Crowsnest