Bertram of Butter Cross

Bertram of Butter Cross

Jeffrey E. Barlough

Synopsis of Bertram of Butter Cross

Bertram of Butter Cross, the fourth volume in Author Jeffrey E. Barlough's acclaimed "Western Lights" Series of fantasy-mysteries, is a magical tale of yearning and loss and the tyranny of years. And like the other Western Lights Books in the genre that Barlough has made all his own, it is a tale chock-full of mystery. What, for example, is the hideous, snake-necked monstrosity that has been roaming Marley Wood? Who are the phantom riders seen plunging through the wood by moonlight? And above all, who is the strange small boy found living in the ruined hunting-lodge deep inside the forest? Return now to the Ice Age world of the "sundering," and join Jemma Hathaway and her brother Richard, Ada Henslowe, Sir Hector MacHector and their friends in deepest Fenshire as they struggle to solve the insolvable: the mystery of Marley Wood!

Reviews of Bertram of Butter Cross


Barlough weaves a tale that has great atmosphere... -- Colleen Cahill,

...a strong addition to one of the more distinctive of recent fantasy Series... -- Victoria Strauss, SFSite