Phyllis Gotlieb

Synopsis of Birthstones

On a dark and moonless planet, mutations have left women as little more than wombs, while men can teleport but have limited control over the ability. When aliens come to plunder this world's resources, the already harsh environment degrades exponentially. Will the Galactic Federation find this world in time to help the natives restore their women and save their civilization?

A visionary novel in the tradition of Ursula K. LeGuin and James Tiptree, Jr., by a leading feminist Author.

With an afterword by Nalo Hopkinson.

Reviews of Birthstones


...a very potent brew that will keep you turning pages avidly. -- Paul Di Filippo,

...for over fifty years, Toronto Author Phyllis Gotlieb has proven that this subgenre can be complex, intelligent and even feminist. Her new novel, "Birthstones", is no exception. -- Ryan Oakley, blogTO