Blood Canticle

Blood Canticle

Anne Rice

Synopsis of Blood Canticle

Welcome back to Blackwood Farm. Here are all of the brilliantly conceived characters that make up the two worlds of vampires and witches: Mona Mayfair, who's come to the farm to die and is brought into the realm of the undead; her uncle, Julian Mayfair, guardian of the family, determined to forever torment Lestat for what he has done to Mona; Rowan Mayfair, brilliant neurosurgeon and witch, who finds herself dangerously drawn to the all-powerful Lestat; her husband, Michael Curry, hero of the Mayfair Chronicles, who seeks Lestat's help with the temporary madness of his wife; Ash Templeton, a 5,000-year-old Taltos who has taken Mona's child; and Patsy, the country-western singer, who returns to avenge her death at the hands of her son, Quinn Blackwood. Delightfully, at the Book's centre is the Vampire Lestat, once the epitome of evil, now pursuing the transformation set in motion with Memnoch the Devil. He struggles with his vampirism and yearns for goodness, purity and love, as he saves Patsy's ghost from the dark realm of the Earthbound, uncovers the mystery of the Taltos and unselfishly decides the fate of his beloved Rowan Mayfair.

Reviews of Blood Canticle


...if you are a new reader, my recommendation is to start at the beginning with Interview With the Vampire, the Book that changed horror fiction forever. If you are all caught up, you won't want to miss Blood Canticle. -- Mark Graham, The Rocky Mountain News

Anne Rice has written another special novel brimming with creativity, action and challenges the readers to question their ideas of good, evil, redemption and honor. -- Harriet Klausner

If you're still searching for something to curdle your blood when Halloween arrives, Anne Rice's latest literary treat...which is aptly available October 31st...will surely do the trick. -- Paul Goat Allen, BookPage

The story races along like one of Lestat's flights through the night or a limo with Mona at the wheel, with energetic prose and costume drama galore. -- Susan Larson, The New Orleans Times-Picayune

Though a lot of elements from Rice's previous novels play into this one, new readers won't be lost and old ones will enjoy how the different threads come together. -- Kristine Huntley, BookList

Finally, the Dark Prince is back in all his glory, telling us a story in his own inimitable way. And what a story he has to tell! -- J. Stephen Bolhafner, The Saint Loius Post-Dispatch

When Rice sticks with the physical and emotional realities of Lestat's vampirish existence, the Book is often gripping, but it can be tedious and talky much of the rest of the time. -- Lev Raphael, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

...Lestat seems to have finally found a place where he can live with himself and the world at large and that is a story worth reading all by itself. -- Bruce Wallace, SFRevu