Joe Haldeman

Synopsis of Camouflage

With prose "as clear and engaging as his ideas" (New York Times Book Review), award-winning Author Joe Haldeman blends scientific fact and far-seeing fiction as he pulls readers into a mind-shattering undersea mystery-from outer space...

An unidentified artifact, found seven miles below the surface of the sea, stumps the scientists examining it.

But it calls out to the two immortal creatures who have wandered the Earth for centuries. Two creatures who have never crossed paths-until now...

Reviews of Camouflage


This futuristic aliens among us tale is a terrific story line that hooks the audience from the moment the object is lifted from the sea as readers will want to know what this artifact is as well as who are the Changeling and the Chameleon. -- Harriet Klausner,

An excellent Book which is thoroughly recommended. -- Paul Hanley, SFCrowsnest

Joe Haldeman has delivered an eminently readable, suspenseful, even touching novel here, one that's clearly state-of-the-art SF, yet which also pays affectionate homage to several classics of the field. -- Paul Di Filippo ,

With relatively short chapters, three tightly intertwined plotlines, and nonstop action throughout, Camouflage will keep readers furiously turning pages until the very end. -- Paul Goat Allen, Barnes and Noble