Command Decision

Command Decision

Elizabeth Moon

Synopsis of Command Decision

Kylara had to leave a bright future as a military cadet, and was thrown into the brutal world of off-world trading. This subsequent career in the family business was tough: marked by war, mutiny and attempted assassination. But then her home was attacked and her parents killed ? their trading empire left in ruins. Now she must save what is left of the family and the business, with few friends and too few assets. She must make full use of her hard-won experience to not just survive, but to restore the shattered fortunes of the Vatta family and their allies. Now, Kylara Vatta, space-trader and sometime privateer, has destined herself for a dangerous and unpredictable future. She will muster an interplanetary taskforce and forge them into a lethal weapon: one that the pirates who destroyed her family will never forget ...

Reviews of Command Decision


...still a gripping Series for those of us who enjoy yarns about "coming of age in space opera"... -- Ernest Lilley, SFRevu

Readers who like the Honor Harrington works of military fiction will thoroughly enjoy the Vatta's war Series... -- Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds

Though Command Decision doesn't have the breakneck pacing of the previous volumes, the frequent switches among the four treachery- and subterfuge-laden subplots keep readers eagerly turning the pages. -- Cynthia Ward,