S.M. Stirling

Synopsis of Conquistador

A new alternate history from the bestselling Author of "The Peshawar Lancers." It is 1946. The white man is about to discover America.

Reviews of Conquistador


The moral landscapes of this novel are intriguing, and the sight of an undeveloped West Coast is unforgettable. -- A.M. Dellamonica,

The rich story line makes readers believers that other dimensions containing different earths exist because the key cast members come across as authentic in their dealings on both planets. -- Harriet Klausner,

In Conquistador, Stirling has found a good balance of background, character and plot, leaving the reader wanting to known more about the individuals and the forces which have made up their world. -- Steven H Silver, SF Site

I recommend Conquistador for readers of military fiction who want something a bit more literary (but still a nice combat scene or three) and for readers of alternate history fiction in general. -- Edward Carmien, SF Revu

Conquistador is first-rate sf adventure fiction, the start of what should prove to be a very entertaining Series. -- Martin Morse Wooster, The Washington Post

Author S. M. Stirling has created an intriguing world--a world where ex-soldiers play at hunting, genocide, and cowboys-and-Indians. -- BooksForABuck