Contact Imminent

Contact Imminent

Kristine Smith

Synopsis of Contact Imminent

Former captain Jani Kilian is a genetically altered human-idomeni hybrid who acts as a bridge of communication between two fiercely incompatible races. With intergalactic civil war looming large -- with renegades in the Service secretly plotting extermination -- Jani Kilian is being pulled once more into perilous space. Because a horrific act of terror is about to ignite a long-feared conflict between human and alien...and the key to the survival or destruction of human civilization is waiting for her somewhere on the edge of the universe.

Reviews of Contact Imminent


With so many strengths to Smith's universe and characters, it's a shame that this novel is unlikely to attract many readers who did not read the prequels. -- Donna McMahon, SF Site

Once you get settled in and comfortable with the setting, the story takes off and it's hard to put down. -- BooksForABuck

CONTACT IMMINENT is a stellar example of excellent space opera. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBytes

Aside from one of Andre Norton's SF adventures, this is the first Series that I have read whose protagonist changes (physically and mentally) over time into an alien species - the Author takes the idea of going where no man has gone before into a new dimension. -- Hilary Williamson, BookLoons

One hopes that the next sequel will be coming soon. -- David Brukman, In Other Worlds