Mark Budz

Synopsis of Crache

Deep in the Kuiper Belt, something is going horribly wrong on the Mymercia colony, and Fola--a molectrician working on the engineered plants and ecotecture of the new colonies--is caught in the middle of it. Her team destroyed, the ecotecture of Mymercia in shambles, Fola finds herself in the midst of a growing catstrophe--an attack on the engineered ecosystem by a piece of rogue code that threatens to dismantle the clades and the complex ecotecture that keeps everyone on Earth and the colonies alive. Somehow she must reach L. Mariachi, burnt out Mexitallic singer, now a bracero working the ryce vats in Colorado, and convince him to do the one thing he swore he'd never do again. For without him, the entire system--and all the lives in it--are doomed to CRACHE.

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Reviews of Crache


Budz develops the clade-world flawlessly. -- Kate Winter, ScifiDiemsions

'Crache' is a good bet for dyed-in-the-wool cyberpunk fans who fancy something a little different or people who want to see how the world Budz created in 'Clade' is progressing. -- Andy Stout, SFCrowsnest

CRACHE, the sequel to the equally intriguing CLADE, is a fascinating look at Orwellian society. -- Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

...if you're keen to read a savvy, thrilling adventure that depicts a weird "wet" future where, say, the bite of a parrot made of programmable atoms can confer superhuman abilities, then this Budz is for you. -- Paul Di Filippo,

As a philosophically minded person, I personally expect (or hope for) more depth from a story that recontextualizes the human experience (be it via speculative or historical fiction). -- Mervius, Fantastica Daily