Cretaceous Sea

Cretaceous Sea

Will Hubbell

Synopsis of Cretaceous Sea

Fasten your seatbelts and remain seated. about to land at the beginning of time.

Paleontology student Rick Clements has been offered a chance to study prehistoric specimens in their natural habitat...not genetically engineered, not state-of-the-art computer generated. real. The most startling breakthrough in science is ready. It's a time-warp machine that offers the ultimate travel experience for a privileged few...a return to the Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Welcome to Montana Isle, untouched, unspoiled, and unknown.

A group of travelers has arrived at the most astounding resort in history. But their exploration of the past is about to be cut short. The meteor that will turn this paradise of sapphire seas into a wasteland is nearing. And their only chance to make it out alive is somehow survive the disaster that ended the age of the dinosaurs...

Reviews of Cretaceous Sea


Well researched and lots of fun, I couldn't put the thing down. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, Tome Of Lazarus -

There are many surprises in this work so readers will never become bored or put the Book down until they have all their questions answered. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBytes

Mr. Hubbell offers readers a unique twist in time travel lore in CRETACEOUS SEA. -- Kelly Rae Cooper, Romantic Times Book Club