A Crown of Swords

A Crown of Swords

Robert Jordan

Synopsis of A Crown of Swords

Elayne, Avindha and Mat come ever closer to the bowl "ter'angreal" that may reverse the world's endless heatwaves and restore natural weather. Egwene begins to gather all manner of women who can channel and Rand faces the dread Forsaken Sammael where the blood-hungry Mashadar waits for prey.

Reviews of A Crown of Swords


This latest installment of a major fantasy epic definitely will not disappoint its fans -- Sally Estes, Booklist

I loved the first Book in this Series, THE EYE OF THE WORLD, and couldn't sing its praises high enough, but by the time this Book was published, I had forgotten a lot of what happened in between, and for some reason, I really didn't care much. -- Patricia White, Under the Covers

It may be standard, but it is pretty well done for the first 6 or so Books. -- Caleyna, Fantasy Freaks Forum

It started off simply awesome with the first 5 Books, but the last 3 have been less than impressive. -- Harry Raden, OnwardElseware

If you have been following the Series to this point, there is no reason to stop now. -- Jim Seidman, SF Site