Custer's Last Jump, and Other Collaborations

Custer's Last Jump, and Other Collaborations

Howard Waldrop

Synopsis of Custer's Last Jump, and Other Collaborations

Story collaborations between cult figure Howard Waldrop and numerous other celebrated science fiction and fantasy writers are collected for the first time in this unique volume. "One Horse Town" breathes fresh life into an ancient tale, combining elements from the sack of Troy, Homer's early days, the last day in the life of a Trojan warrior, and the archeological dig at Troy. In "Custer's Last Jump!" the legendary Crazy Horse uses Confederate monoplanes in his famous battle against General Custer. "A Voice and Bitter Weeping" paints a grim postnuclear age where Israeli mercenaries fight Texans in a never-ending, hopeless war. Mystery, intrigue, and treachery abound in the Heian Japan setting of "The Latter Days of the Law," where a clever man must find a lost prince. Each story features a riotously funny introduction by Waldrop and an afterword by the coAuthor.

Reviews of Custer's Last Jump, and Other Collaborations


Custer's Last Jump is an excellent addition to any collection; if you have never read Waldrop before, now's your chance. -- Victoria McManus, SFRevu

...more than twice your money's worth! -- Paul Di Filippo,

...the good moments in Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations far outweighs the missteps. -- Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

Part of what is strange is that I was so amused without thinking that most of the stories were particularly good. -- Claude, Infinity Plus (Originally published in The Montreal Gazette)