Dante's Equation

Dante's Equation

Jane Jensen

Synopsis of Dante's Equation

Rabbi Aharon Handalman's expertise with Torah code - rearranging words and letters in the Bible - has uncovered a man's name. Who is Yosef Kobinksi, and why did God hide his name in His sacred text? To find the answers, Aharon begins an investigation, and discovers that Kobinksi, a Polish rabbi, was not only a mystic but also a brilliant physicist. In Seattle, Jill Talcott's work with energy wave equations is being linked to Yosef Kobinksi, now deceased, who claimed to discover an actual physical law of good and evil. But when Jill's lab explodes, she is forced to flee for her life, realizing her cutting-edge research is far more dangerous than she ever had imagined. Now Jill, her co-researcher, and a writer meet Handalman and trace Kobinksi to Auschwitz. They find the inexplicable: Kobinksi, drawing on his own alchemy of science and the Kabbalah, made himself vanish from the death camp. With intelligence agents hot on their trail, the investigators must follow Kobinksi - to wherever he may have gone .

Reviews of Dante's Equation


...with some thorough and careful editing, this novel could have also been excellent SF. -- D. Douglas Fratz, Scifi.com

...marketed as a SF thriller yet it doesn't thrill. -- Stuart Young, The Alien Online

Jensen has taken religion and science and blended them in a hugely creative fashion, allowing the reader to suspend disbelief, but at the same time assuming that the reader actually understands whatever it is they are supposed to be suspending their disbelief about! -- Antony Wagman, SFRevu