Dark Corner

Dark Corner

Brandon Massey

Synopsis of Dark Corner

From Brandon Massey, award-winning Author of Thunderland, comes a terrifying new novel about a town besieged by evil...and the one man who is determined to fight the darkness...

When renowned Author Richard Hunter dies in a boating accident, his son David travels to Mason's Corner, Mississippi, to find out more about the father he never really knew. At first, Mason's Corner seems friendly and unassuming-the perfect "small town." But after a newcomer moves into the old-and supposedly haunted-mansion on the hill, everything changes...

People begin to disappear. Dogs viciously attack. And soon David discovers that the terror consuming this place has its roots in his own family tree...

For something has risen in Mason's Corner. Something with bloody ties to the town's past. Something undead--and hungering for vengeance...

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Reviews of Dark Corner


One of the best thrillers I have read in a long time. -- Lesley Mazey, The Eternal Night

This is his most innovative and chilling work yet, and I imagine it can only get better from here. -- CandaceK, The Rawsistaz Reviewers

Dark Corner has all of the elements I expect in a vampire novel: a tragic hero, silly thinking town folks, and a dynamic vampire antihero. -- Thumper, African American Literature Book Club

Dark Corner is riveting. -- Shannon Bigham, Bookloons

Brandon Massey is destined to be one of tomorrow's superstars in the horror genre. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBytes

Masterfully written, Dark Corner enthralled me. -- Sharon, Loose Leaves

I mean come on... it has vampiric dogs in it!! -- HorrorWench, Horrer Web

Besides David McLeod's Dancing with the Moon, this is the most original vampire novel to debut. -- Kristin Johnson, MyShelf

Gripping yet humorous at times, this novel was a pleasant read, with romantic interests and a bit of eroticism, touching all aspects of the literary fountain. -- T. L. Gardner, A Nu Twista Flavah

Brandon Massey takes his readers to a new height of terror, where vampires are even worse than we once imagined. -- Detra Fitch, Huntress Book Reviews