David Starr, Space Ranger

David Starr, Space Ranger

Isaac Asimov

Synopsis of David Starr, Space Ranger

Planet in turmoil!

The Solar System had long ago been colonized by an Earth suffering from a dwindling food supply and a millionfold increase in population. The colonies were her very lifeblood. Without hte daily flow of products from them, Earth would experience mass starvation and chaos within weeks. Suddenly and unexpectedly, reports of fatal food poisoning, traceable to Martian produce, began to reach the ruling Council of Science. Each new case was treated with intense secrecy for if the people of Earth learned the cause of these deaths, a worldwide panic would surely ensue.

To David Starr, Space Ranger, these deadly incidents formed a terrifying pattern-they were clearly part of a clever and brutal scheme by an alien conspiracy to cripple Earth's economic life and topple its government!

Reviews of David Starr, Space Ranger


Yes, the Book is shallow. Yes, the characters hover on the edge of stereotype. Yes, your brain can be entirely turned off while you read, but it's an enjoyable Book, anyway, a light-hearted adventure story good for a couple hours' relaxation and perfect for an adolescent boy. Go for it. -- John H. Jenkins, Jenkins... Spoiler-Laden Guide to Isaac Asimov

Food from Mars is being poisoned, so he goes to Mars to track down the source. I found the resolution to this mystery a little unsatisfying; it was hard to believe that any of the characters were sufficiently evil that they would be willing to poison hundreds of people. -- Eric Weeks

Kid's sf, and it shows. -- John Gateley, jfoo.org