Deathstalker Legacy

Deathstalker Legacy

Simon R. Green

Synopsis of Deathstalker Legacy

It has been two hundred years since Owen Deathstalker fell, dying to save the Empire and all Humanity. Now it is a Golden Age for all: for men, for aliens and for the AIs of Shub. But one evil man has determined to bring it all crashing down, and now the Terror has finally arrived, threatening them all with extinction. The old heroes have become legends, and the cry goes out for new heroes. It's time for the latest Deathstalker, Lewis, to do his bit. Unfortunately, he and his companions, a diva, a conman, a homicidal psychopath and a reptiloid called Saturday, have all been outlawed and declared traitors. Deathstalker luck. Always bad. Unless Lewis Deathstalker can defy the odds to get to the Madness Maze and tread the same dangerous path to glory that his ancestor did, the Golden Age is about to be wiped out for ever. Together with Humanity . . .

Reviews of Deathstalker Legacy


DEATHSTALKER LEGACY is space opera at its action best. -- Harriet Klausner, Under the Covers

Bloody funny and extremely bloody. -- Jon Courtenay Grimwood, The Guardian

I would recommend this Book if you like your plots sweeping, your characters big and your stories bold. -- Katie McGivern, SFCrowsnest

...DEATHSTALKER LEGACY doesn't quite deliver. -- BooksForABuck

A stunningly good story that left me wanting more. -- Lesley Mazey, The Eternal Night