C. J. Cherryh

Synopsis of Defender

In this sequel to Precursor, the alien atevi enter the treacherous politics of space travel-as their one human negotiator is caught in the throes of a mutiny...

Reviews of Defender


Foreigner fans will enjoy Defender for the delightful story that it is: a continuation of Bren's experiences between stolid humans and the complex atevi who amuse and amaze the reader. -- KC Heath, Yet Another Book Review Site

The novel appears to be a bridge novel, not really complete in itself, between the end of Book IV, Precursor, and the beginning of the next novel in the Series. -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg, the Monthly Aspectarian

A few more thrills would have definitely helped. --

Merge the best violations of the prime directive of classic Star Trek with the wallop of Star Wars and the reader has DEFENDER. -- Harriet Klausner, BookBrowser

...if you prefer the action in a story to be up-front and centre, Defender might not be for you. -- Greg L. Johnson, SF Site

Readers attempting to enjoy this Book as a stand-alone may find themselves at sea, even disappointed. -- A.M. Dellamonica,

...I would advise a newcomer to start at the beginning, or at least with Precursor, before enjoying this one. -- Wesley Williamson, BookLoons

If you're allergic to Cherryh's prose, avoid this; it's more of the same. If not, however, this is an enjoyable new entry in an enjoyable Series. -- Elisabeth Carey, The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.

Do the words intelligent, compelling and original command attention? -- Jean Marchand, Rambles