Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Alastair Reynolds

Synopsis of Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days

Diamond Dogs tells the story of a group of mercenaries trying to unravel the mystery of a particularly inhospitable alien tower on a distant world. But with understanding comes a terrible price... Turquoise Days introduces us to Naqi, a researcher who has dedicated her life to studying the Pattern Jugglers so as to forget her sister's untimely accidental death. Her life changes though, as soon as newcomers arrive around her world..."

Reviews of Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days


Even if you live outside the UK, it's well worth the additional postage! -- John C. Snider, Scifi Dimensions

...nice to see two shorter stories being given high-street shelf space by a mainstream publisher... -- Mark Watson, Best SF

Alastair Reynolds has written a startling and ambitious story that anyone who was drawn to the questions raised by Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? will enjoy. -- Rodger Turner, SF Site

Diamond Dogs is glam-goth science fiction played loud and is destined to become as much of a classic as the Bowie song that inspired the title. -- John Berlyne, SF Revu

Turquoise Days is a fine work that stands well alongside stories like "Great Wall of Mars", "Glacial", and Diamond Dogs, and that highlights the need for a full-length story collection from this Author. -- Jonathan Strahan, Locus

This is genuine Science Fiction, its premises logical and convincing, a believable - if distinctly disturbing - future presented in compelling prose. -- Joules Taylor, SFCrowsnest