The Divided Crown

The Divided Crown

Isabel Glass

Synopsis of The Divided Crown

Lady Angarred Hashan married the Master of the College of Magicians, and retreated from the life of the Royal Court of Karededin, to manage their school and raise a family of their own. The reign of Queen Rodarren was calm and the Kingdom prospered.

But Rodarren died too soon, leaving her 14 year old son to rule. Young King Jerret, unprepared for his new responsibility, soon fell under the influence of an ambitious lord from the North, and the royal court became a place where Angarred and Mathewar were no longer welcome. So it is with surprise and concern that they received a summons from the King. And it is with horror that they discover that Lord Haru is not content to rule Karededin through Jerret, but intends to place one of his own sons on the throne instead, by war or assassination.

From the city of Pergodi, to the far Northern island kingdom of Ou, they will travel to discover the truth of how the Haru family has come to have such powerful magic, and to find a way to stop them.

Reviews of The Divided Crown


Fans of fantasy, who don't mind a story light on science and with a rudimentary military theme, will enjoy the development of character in this lightweight novel. -- Bill Brockman,

This sequel to the DAUGHTER OF EXILE is more action oriented but there is enough romance between the various couples so that fans of romantic fantasy won't feel cheated. -- Harriet Klausner, Harriet Klausner's Review Archive

The plot is standard fantasy with few twists, but it is competently written, and Glass' vivid descriptions almost make up for the shortfalls in characterization and plotting. -- Natalie A. Luhrs, The Romantic Times Book Club