Chris Bunch

Synopsis of Dragonmaster

Young Hal Kailas is a runaway and a pauper, living hand-to-mouth in a kingdom where peace is by no means certain. But Hal has a dream. In his even younger days, he had the awesome experience of bonding with a young dragon-and the memory of the beast's great strength and power consumes his every thought. When war finally comes, the most daring and ruthless of men ride these fearsome dragons-monstrous weapons of war that are rulers of the sky. Few men are strong enough to bend a dragon's will, but Hal has reason to think he may be one of them.

Reviews of Dragonmaster


Its fantastic elements are cleanly and logically integrated with historical military concepts, and it stands with the best work by Drake, Weber and Ringo. -- Barry Newton, SFRevu

This Book is filled with plenty of action and will appeal to readers who love military fantasy. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Review