Echoes of the Great Song

Echoes of the Great Song

David Gemmell

Synopsis of Echoes of the Great Song

The Avatars are immortal and live like kings-even though the empire is dying. Their immortality is guaranteed by magic crystals whose influence is now waning, overwhelmed by the sheer power of a great flood and a sudden ice age. But when two moons appear in the sky, and the ruthless armies of the Crystal Queen swarm across the land bringing devastation and terror, the Avatars unite with their subjects to protect their universe.

As the cities face imminent destruction, three heroes emerge. Talaban, a warrior haunted by tragedy; Touchstone, the mystic tribesman seeking his lost love; and Anu, the Holy One, the Builder of Time. And when all seems lost, two others enter the fray: Sofarita, the peasant girl who will inspire a legend, and the madman, Viruk, who will become a god. . . .

Reviews of Echoes of the Great Song


The story is very interesting, and gripping, although it's all fairly obvious from the start (or at least, most of it is). -- Tony, Gemmell Mania

Although the novel didn't receive much acclaim it is a novel worth reading as it represents a whole new world to the fan, concepts of love, honour and a building alliance against a powerful enemy who have ripped the fabric of time and space to invade. -- Gareth, David Gremmell Fansite

"Echoes of the Great Song" is his best yet... -- Technobrat's