The Facts Of Life

The Facts Of Life

Graham Joyce

Synopsis of The Facts Of Life

The Facts of Life tells the story of an extraordinary family of seven sisters living in Coventry during the second world war. Presided over by an indomitable matriach the sisters live out a tangled and fraught life that takes them through the blitz, war work and on into the hopeful postwar years and a bizarre interlude for one of them in a commune. And through it all wanders the young son of one of the sisters, passed from sister to sister, the innocent witness to a life that edges over into the magical and the world of the fey.

Reviews of The Facts Of Life


If you forget all about the neat social comments and the family tensions and turmoil, then you are left with the cleverly weaved spell of the inexplicable. -- Phil Stoyle, SFCrowsnest

Really there is nothing to complain about in this beautifully crafted novel. -- Martin Lewis, SF Site

Are four British Fantasy Awards not enough for the man? -- John Toon, Infinity Plus

Joyce's tale is a heartwarming story, marvelously told. -- Mark Graham, The Rocky Mountain News