The Fifth Ring

The Fifth Ring

Mitchell Graham

Synopsis of The Fifth Ring

An epic new fantasy trilogy--a story of courage, love, and valor--begins in this first volume. Mathew Lewin's fencing skills win him a beautiful yet terrible prize: a ring with the power to enslave the world. Now transformed into a hunted renegade, Mathew must face his own destiny in the face of unspeakable destruction if the world is to survive.

Reviews of The Fifth Ring


What an amazing story! Set in a post~apocolyptic world, the Fifth Ring combines the best of science fiction and fantasy in one volume. -- Wendy Casuerla, SFFWorld

When my editor handed me the galley of this Book to review I thought 'oh, great another fantasy novel.' If I'm lucky, maybe I'll like it.' I was wrong, I loved it. -- William Latzko,

I can definitely recommend The Fifth Ring to anyone who is looking for a great Book to live in. -- Charles Wolfe, SF Reader

Debut novelist Mitchell Graham hasn't just made a splash in the literary world with the publication of The Fifth Ring, he's created a tidal wave! -- Paul Goat Allen, Barnes And Noble

With a powerful story line that never allows the audience a moment to rest even for a pit stop, fans will demand that Mitchell Graham provide a sequel or two rather quickly. -- Harriet Klausner,

Easily one of the best novels to come along in years and years. -- Jennifer Holmes,

Bottom line: I haven't read a better first fantasy novel in a very long time. -- John C. Snider, Scifi Dimensions

Fantasy fans will find no shortage of sword, sorcery, gallantry, and malignancy in The Fifth Ring. -- Lisa DuMond, SF Site