Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers

Linnea Sinclair

Synopsis of Finders Keepers

Life, Love and Intergalactic Treason...

Her ship's in shambles, her boyfriend's dumped her and she's frankly out of funds. CaptainTrilby Elliot hopes her luck has changed when a high-tech fightercraft crash lands at her repair site. Finders keepers. She can sell the ship as salvage, keep the profits. Except for one small problem: the pilot, Rhis, is still alive and intent on commandeering her ship, and, he hopes, her heart. And another much larger problem: someone very powerful wants Trilby Elliot dead.

Reviews of Finders Keepers


There are some good aspects to this novel. -- Madeleine Yeh, SFRevu

Fan of romantic science fiction will enjoy this outer space adventure tale. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

The plot is pure, rollicking space opera, with suspense, computer programming, backstabbing, space battles and galaxy-wide threats galore. -- Jody Wallace, Science Fiction Romance

It certainly belongs on my keeper shelf. -- Dee Lloyd, ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Having enjoyed Linnea Sinclair's first story WINTERTIDE [penned under the name Megan Sybil Baker] I agreed to review this Book as well, but Linnea warned me that this was entirely different. I disagree. Good writing, great characters and a well thought out story are common denominators for both of these Books and I suspect that whatever Linnea sends me next, it too will have these essential elements in it. -- Sue Waldec, Road To Romance

Ms. Sinclair creates a complete and fascinating universe. -- Susan Mobley, The Romantic Times Book Club

Many thanks to Linnea Sinclair for creating a great and entertaining Science Fiction Romance. -- Cyndi Witkus, In The Library Reviews