A Fistful of Sky

A Fistful of Sky

Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Synopsis of A Fistful of Sky

Gypsum LaZelle had nearly given up. She...d already watched her two older siblings experience the transition-the sudden, debilitating process that turned them from ordinary children into mages, gifted spellcasters like their beautiful mother. Perhaps she was a late bloomer, she thought-until her younger siblings came into their powers as well. Now, at twenty, Gypsum fears that she must accept her fate: a mundane life without magic.

She can live with being ordinary, an outsider. After all, someone in the family had to take after her father-But one day, alone at home with her family away, Gypsum falls terribly ill. And when the symptoms pass, something has changed. Something she's dreamed of for such a long time-and suddenly, isn't ready for at all...

Reviews of A Fistful of Sky


It's a fun, lyrical tale of love and a weird family. -- Henry Leon Lazarus, Tome Of Lazarus - ScienceFiction.com

Nina Kiriki Hoffman has a flair for the dramatic and the unusual. -- Harriet Klausner, BookBrowser

Inventive cursing, such as the Ultimate Fashion Sense, keeps the story whimsical and slightly off-kilter. -- Kelly Rae Cooper, Romantic Times Book Club

I found myself skimming. -- Lola Sparks, Purplepens.com

...recommended without hesitation. -- Daniel P. Dern, SFRevu