Joshua Ortega

Synopsis of Frequencies

Seattle. 2051. Cars and cities float in the sky. People's thoughts are monitored as electromagnetic frequencies. Nanotechnology, androids, and human cloning are a part of everyday life. Welcome to the future world of FBI agents Marc McCready and Morris Ignacio. Marc and Morris are sent to investigate a downtown riot, unaware that this is just the beginning of the chaotic upheavals to come. The cloned wife of Ordosoft CEO Mason Huxton may be the victim of a terrorist infobombing, while his rebellious daughter, Ashley, is about to uncover a conspiracy which could chake the very foundations of their world. Get ready to question everything you thought you knew about freedom and security. In what the Seattle Times calls "a cult hit," ((Frequencies)) takes the reader into a vision of the future that is bold and uncompromising. This compelling narrative, filled with fascinating characters and breathtaking concepts, will leave you thinking about where technology is taking us - and whether you're ready for the ride. Your ordered world is about to get shaken up.

Reviews of Frequencies


This ambitious work is very well done, filled with excellent narrative, three-dimensional characters and compelling and colourful dialog. -- Denise M. Clark, Booklore

Good, hard earthbound future science fiction with a dose of philosophy over the top. -- David Brown,

((Frequencies)) is worth reading, if for nothing else than to see how the New Age cogniscenti view science fiction, much in the same way that it is important to see how fundamentalist Christians use science fiction to elaborate on apocalyptic literalisms. -- Alan Deniro, Rain Taxi

Although getting into it for the first few pages was a bit tedious, I soon found the Book hard to put down. -- Ava Dianne Day,