Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Synopsis of Guardian Angel

Porsche Winter has a problem... as a fully fledged guardian angel, she is charged with the safety of her clients at all times. But you take your eye off the monitor for just one moment, and the Devil is in there with a demon snatching the soul from one of your clients. But not just any client: dreamboat and all round lust object Alex Chalmers. With the soul lost to the Devil, Porsche realises that this is just a part of a plan for the Dark One to assert his Authority over the Neverworld and to take control of Heaven. It doesn't help that Porsche too is the object of the Devil's lust, or that she's been set up for a fall by ex-boyfriend and office slimeball Wynne Jarrett. With all that's going on, Porsche's day has started badly and is set to get even worse...

Reviews of Guardian Angel


Devilishly funny and a damn good read -- Juliet E McKenna, The Alien Online

The tale is told at a cracking pace, and by the end of the Book I was left gasping for breath and eager for more. -- Russell Cook, Infinity Plus