The Harvest

The Harvest

Scott Nicholson

Synopsis of The Harvest

Nestled deep in the South Appalachian Mountains is the town of Windshake. Living among the populace of good ol' boy moonshiners and god-fearing folk are psychologies Tamara Leon and her family. All her life Tamara has been haunted by dark dreams and visions. She calls them "Gloomies".

Reviews of The Harvest


I loved every word. -- Lesley Mazey, The Eternal Night

Who needs to rent a scary video when one of Scott Nicholson's Books is available! -- Martina Bexte, Bookloons

The Author takes what might be a tired and threadbare plot and breathes new life into it. -- Deborah Hern, The Romance Readers Connection

Scott Nicholson has created a new terror that will keep you up late into the night! -- Detra Fitch, The Huntress Reviews