Don D'Ammassa

Synopsis of Haven

Wes Avery came to the planet Meadow to recuperate from a serious illness. The pastoral town of Haven seemed like just the quiet place he needed to get his strength back. That all changed when he stumbled across a body while walking in a field, a body that was mysteriously gone when he returned with a police official. Avery teams up with Dona Tharmody, a computer technician, and the two attempt to discover what happened to the dead man, and why the local Authorities seem intent on concealing the truth. Their investigation leads them into danger. When Avery refuses to drop the issue even in the face of veiled threats, he and Tharmody find themselves running for their lives. They also discover that the man they believed to be an ally is actually their enemy. In a world where no one is who they seem, and alliances and betrayals can have galaxy-spanning consequences, Avery and Dona will have to use all of their wits and skill to unravel a mystery that reaches far beyond the quiet world of Meadow.

Reviews of Haven


Although Haven is far from the cutting edge of science fiction, it is nevertheless a very readable novel that will satisfy fans of mystery and adventure fiction. -- D. Douglas Fratz, Scifi.com

If you like intelligent science-fiction with a whodunit atmosphere, then this is the Book for you! -- Courtney Bowden, Romance Reviews Today

Terrific world builder Don D'Amarassa provides a delightful tale smoothly connecting the two genres to the elation of fans of both. -- Harriet Klausner, Harriet Klausner's Review Archive