Ian Stewart
Jack Cohen

Synopsis of Heaven

All Second-Best Sailor wants is to sail his boat and trade with the wandering Neanderthals. But when the reefwives discover that a Cosmic Unity mission fleet is heading for his homeworld, his comfortable lifestyle vanishes in an instant. All Servant-of-Unity XIV Samuel wants is to help spread Cosmic Unity's message of harmony to a grateful galaxy. But the ecclesiarchs decide that Samuel is destined for greater things. Flung together by fate, the two men find themselves on opposite sides of a battle for the hearts and minds of every sentient creature in the galaxy. Together, they uncover Cosmic Unity's deepest secret, and come up with a kamikaze plan to fight off the invaders. But along the way, they will need help from the unlikeliest of allies.

Reviews of Heaven


HEAVEN is a philosophical compilation woven into a cerebral speculative fiction that compels reader to ponder concepts and ideas put forth by the Authors. -- Harriet Klausner, AllScifi.com

I have no hesitation recommending Heaven as a must read for 2004! -- David Brown, RebeccasReads.com

There's a strong satirical flavor to this SF novel, and an amazing variety of intelligent life in its universe, from Neanderthals and polypoids to a sentient pond and the galaxy itself. -- Hilary Williamson, Bookloons

As disturbing as it is breathtaking, this ambitious and profoundly moving novel is everything science fiction strives to be: thought-provoking, entertaining, and, ultimately, enlightening. -- Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble

...manages to achieve a level of clarity, excitement, impact and innovation that is very rare among SF novels. -- Paul Di Filippo, Scifi.com