Hidden in Sight (Webshifters, 3)

Hidden in Sight (Webshifters, 3)

Julie E. Czerneda

Synopsis of Hidden in Sight (Webshifters, 3)

Julie E. Czerneda's acclaimed Web Shifters Series continues with the story of Esen-the last survivor of a unique alien race. Able to take on the form of any creature she observes, Esen has long since broken the cardinal rule of her species: noninterference.

Reviews of Hidden in Sight (Webshifters, 3)


...a strong outer space science fiction tale. -- Harriet Klausner, BooksNBytes

The charming protagonist, with her maturing in effectiveness and respect of others, combined with a fast, suspenseful plot leading to a hopeful conclusion, make this a very enjoyable novel. -- David Brukman, In Other Worlds