William Gibson

Synopsis of Idoru

Set in futuristic Tokyo, rebuilt after an earthquake, this is the story of a rock star who decides to marry a non-existent, virtual reality girl; the bemused American security consultant who has been sent to take care of him; and a teenage fan.

Reviews of Idoru


Probably his most accessible novel to date... -- Elizabeth Baldwin, Mysterious Galaxy

While I had problems with Idoru, I think this is Gibson's best Book since Count Zero -- Curt Wohleber, isn't really as good as his earlier novels. -- Judy Clark,

Without the somewhat bleak feeling of Virtual Light, William Gibson is able to weave into this complex tapestry of characters a simple plot which shows us how dangerous the future may be. -- Rodger Turner, SF Site

Idoru is typical William Gibson. It takes place in the futur -- se enough to be recognizable, yet far enough that today's trends have taken on a life of their own." -- Leon Olszewski, SF Site

...isn't really as good as his earlier novels. -- Judi Clark,