Neal Stephenson
J. Frederick George

Synopsis of Interface

There's no way William A. Cozzano can lose the upcoming presidential election. He's a likable midwestern governor with one insidious advantage provided by a shadowy group of backers. A biochip implanted in his head hardwires him to a computerized polling system. The mood of the electorate is channeled directly into his brain. Forget issues. Forget policy. Cozzano is more than the perfect candidate. He's a special effect.

Reviews of Interface


Stephenson is a great Author and his characters as sharp as ever... but this Book wanders badly enough in plot that it doesn't deserve a higher rating. -- Inchoatus

'Interface' is sharp, involving and frequently witty. I'd hesitate to call it Science Fiction, although I think most people who enjoy the genre wouldn't be too disappointed with this Book. -- Tom Martin, SFCrowsnest