Matthew Delaney

Synopsis of Jinn

In present-day Boston, strange murders are threatening the community, and two police detectives in search of the killer start to suspect that the case extends beyond the boundaries of history or mortality. Their investigation takes them back in time-to a group of marines in the jungles of the World War II Pacific Theater, to a downed submarine whose legacy is unclear, and to a prison where terrible things have been happening in "The Pit."

JINN is a skillful supernatural thriller and a first novel from a hugely talented young new Author. For fans of Dean Koontz and Peter Straub. Film rights have been sold to Disney.

Reviews of Jinn


Though too many sidebars cause clutter, this delightful blending of the horror genre with a police procedural and elements from other genres provide readers with a powerful tale. -- Harriet Klausner, BookNBytes

...Jinn... is, for the most part, a compelling, frightening read, and a promising first novel from newcomer Matthew Delaney. -- Ryan Kelley, About.com

The Book tends to be repetitious in parts, and it sometimes sacrifices character and atmosphere for sheer action, but it is a page-turner-- and it's especially great as a first novel. -- Chris Wyatt, Cinescape

A place in the best-sellers list for this Author in the future would not come as a surprise. -- Thomas L. Martin, SFCrowsnest