Letters From The Flesh

Letters From The Flesh

Marcos Donnelly

Synopsis of Letters From The Flesh

SF Story of an alien who lives inside one of the founders of Christianity

Reviews of Letters From The Flesh


Donnelly's tactic of telling a story by means of correspondence isn't unique - but it's unusual enough to make Letters from the Flesh a compelling reading experience. -- John C. Snider, ScifiDimensions

Letters from the Flesh is the kind of novel that science fiction promises yet often fails to deliver; it is a novel of ideas that's likely to make readers see their world and its controversies among the spiritually inclined and the secular in a very different light. -- Pamela Sargent, Scifi.com

Letters From the Flesh is certainly an ambitious Book, if not flawless; as the debut for a new imprint, it's well worth a look. -- James Schellenberg, Challenging Destiny

With all the good things to say about this Book, and there are quite a few, it still didn't work for me. -- Joe Murphy, The Dragon Page