Little Doors

Little Doors

Paul Di Filippo

Synopsis of Little Doors

Here are 17 new stories from a writer whose work has been praised by William Gibson as "spooky, haunting, hilarious." In the title story of Little Doors, a professor of children's literature discovers a bizarre synchronicity between a lost text and his illicit relationship with a student. In another story, a boy is born without a brain and his skull is invaded by a group of wild animals. Another chronicles an all-night drive through a Manhattan distinctly different from ... but strangely similar to ... our own. All of these stories are replete with chaos, human oddities, and the unruly energy of a Tom Waits song, forming an exhilarating collection from a truly creative force in contemporary fiction. The master of "trailer park science fiction", Di Filippo is a two-time finalist for the Nebula Award and finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award. "[Di Filippo] channelsurfs postmodern apocalypse, brilliantly." -- Jonathan Lethem

Reviews of Little Doors


...the transgressive bite that characterizes Di Filippo's best fiction isn't so much in evidence. -- Claude, Locus Online

If Little Doors is not in the top rank of his output, then it is still a good collection when judged on its own merits. -- Martin Lewis, SF Site

Di Filippo can't resist making a joke or basing a story on a one-liner ("Stealing Happy Hours") or a what-if question... -- Gavin J. Grant, BookPage