Looking for Mr Nobody

Looking for Mr Nobody

Sue Rann

Synopsis of Looking for Mr Nobody

Cross Margaret Atwood with Ian Rankin, add a pinch of William Gibson and Sue Rann's distinctive black humour ... and that just about sums up Looking for Mr. Nobody.

This crossover crime/science fiction Book is set in the shadier parts of Amsterdam ... its nightclubs, abandoned barges, the streets themselves ... with a plot centred round the shadowy presence of black ops and military designer drugs...

It is the story of two people...

Wolf - apparently a vagrant, who remembers nothing before the hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds - and Robin, 30-something daughter of a US general, with a do-it-my-way attitude and a Glock-17 for a security blanket. Stranded in Amsterdam she puts her training to use as a part-time bouncer in the city's nightclubs...

Their paths are destined to cross - but will they survive the workings of the Nemesis Project

Reviews of Looking for Mr Nobody


...this is a highly enjoyable cyber thriller with a deftly handled touch of humour. -- Joe Gordon, The Alien Online