Lord of the Shadows (The Second Sons Trilogy, Book 3)

Lord of the Shadows (The Second Sons Trilogy, Book 3)

Jennifer Fallon

Synopsis of Lord of the Shadows (The Second Sons Trilogy, Book 3)

Darkness threatens Ranadon again in the form of an eclipse. The Goddess wants to give the people of Ranadon a sign...and only Dirk Provin can interpret it. To do so, Dirk has systematically betrayed his one-time allies to join his most hated enemies. Now, with neither side trusting him, Dirk sets his own devious plot in motion

Senet's Crippled Prince, Misha, has found unexpected and tenuous sanctuary among the Baenlanders of Mil. To secure their trust, he offers them the one thing they cannot refuse. Meanwhile, Alenor, Queen of Dhevyn, betrayed by her husband, Kirsh, and Tia Veran, deceived by Dirk, set out for revenge and to finally free their people at any cost. As the second sons and the rest of their generation pursue different paths to survival and freedom, they discover that the will of the Goddess-and of men-works in mysterious ways. And as Dirk's old enemies join with new ones, his attempt to save Ranadon may cost him his friends, his love...and his life.

Reviews of Lord of the Shadows (The Second Sons Trilogy, Book 3)


This is a journey I was sorry to end. -- Sue Bursztynski, January Magazine

Lord of the Shadows is the final Book of the Second Sons trilogy, and while it provides a satisfying conclusion, it doesn't feel as strong as The Lion of Senet or Eye of the Labyrinth. -- Jo Brooks, Fantastica Daily

The whole trilogy is enjoyable if you're looking for action, adventure and plot twists. -- Madeleine Yeh, SFRevu

Jennifer Fallon provides an electrifying tale that will have her growing readership thirsting for her next novel. -- Harriet Klausner, ParaNormal Romance Reviews

When you finish this Book, it will be with a smile. -- Robert Folsom, The Kansas City Star