Lost and Found : The Taken Trilogy Book 1

Lost and Found : The Taken Trilogy Book 1

Alan Dean Foster

Synopsis of Lost and Found : The Taken Trilogy Book 1

Not so long ago Marcus Walker was just another young commodities trader in Chicago, working hard and playing harder. But that's all in the past, part of a life half forgotten--a reality that vanished when he was attacked while camping and tossed aboard a starship bound for deep space.

Desperately, Walker searches for explanations, only to realize he's trapped in a horrifying nightmare that is all too real. Instead of being a rich hotshot at the top of the food chain, Walker discovers he's just another amusing novelty, part of a cargo of "cute" aliens from primitive planets--destined to be sold as pets to highly advanced populations in "civilized" regions of the galaxy.

Even if he weren't constantly watched by his captors, Walker has few options. After all, there is no escape from a speeding starship. Another man might resign himself to the inevitable and hope to be sold to a kindly owner, but not Walker. This former college football star has plenty of American ingenuity and no intention of admitting defeat, now or ever. In fact, he's only just begun to fight.

Reviews of Lost and Found : The Taken Trilogy Book 1


It's not a bad Book, but not an outstanding one either. It's science-fiction fast food. -- Adam-Troy Castro, Scifi.com

...perfect for tossing in a backpack and taking off on a summer adventure maybe even a camping trip by a lake. -- Jeffrey J. Lyons, SFRevu

While Lost and Found is never laugh-out-loud funny, the Book is definitely amusing - a light science fiction diversion. -- Mark Graham, The Rocky Mountain News

LOST AND FOUND, the first Book in THE TAKEN TRILOGY, is space opera at its finest. -- Harriet Klausener, Amazon.com