Lost Boy Lost Girl: A Novel

Lost Boy Lost Girl: A Novel

Peter Straub

Synopsis of Lost Boy Lost Girl: A Novel

A woman commits suicide for no apparent reason. A week later, her son...beautiful, troubled fifteen-year-old Mark Underhill...vanishes from the face of the earth. To his uncle, horror novelist Timothy Underhill, Mark's inexplicable absence feels like a second death. After his sister-in-law's funeral, Tim searches his hometown of Millhaven for clues that might help him unravel this mystery of death and disappearance. He soon learns that a pedophilic murderer is on the loose in the vicinity, and that shortly before his mother's suicide Mark had become obsessed with an abandoned house where he imagined the killer might have taken refuge. No mere empty building, the house on Michigan Street whispers from attic to basement with the echoes of a long-hidden true-life horror story, and Tim Underhill comes to fear that in investigating its unspeakable history, Mark stumbled across its last and greatest secret: a ghostly lost girl who may have coaxed the needy, suggestible boy into her mysterious domain.

Reviews of Lost Boy Lost Girl: A Novel


...winner from one of the best practitioners of supernatural fiction. -- Michael Berry, The San Francisco Chronicle

Peter Straub's novel, lost boy lost girl is a truly groundbreaking work from the renowned master of literary horror. -- Paul Goat Allen, BookPage

This Book is certainly a disturbing horror novel. -- Hank Luttrell, SFSite

This may well be the best Book of Straub's already brilliant career. -- Joe Hartlaub, BookReporter

With "Lost Boy Lost Girl," Straub is feeling his way toward a mature new direction in horror, one closer in tone and effect to Ira Levin ("Rosemary's Baby"). -- Jay MacDonald, Fort Myers News-Press

...Mr. Straub's latest is an unusually taut, dynamic, spooky display of horror expertise, and its story is deftly told. -- Janet Maslin, The New York Times

It's taut and surprisingly moving, a treat even for those who don't believe in ghosts. -- Linnea Lannon, TheDetroit Free Press

Here is Peter Straub, doing what he does best: navigating a singular path through that elusive borderland where the supernatural leaks into the natural, where ghosts lurk in machines and sometimes reveal themselves to us. -- Mike O'Driscoll, The Alien Online