Tricia Sullivan

Synopsis of Maul

In a mall, a gang of teenage girls is caught in a maelstrom of violence and shopping. But it's not only their own lives they will have to fight for. It is that of a man trapped in another world, with very different enemies; a man they haven't met, but who could change the future of the human race.

Reviews of Maul


...if you enjoy the sort of Book that will tie youir mind up in knots, whilst presenting you with a stylish vision of a future gone ... in whichever narrative strand turns out to be the 'real' one ... quite, quite mad, and if you enjoy a bit of a challenge in your reading, rather than a simple linear plot laid out for you on a plate, then Maul (a challenger for next year's James Tiptree Jr Award if ever I saw one) is definitely a Book you ought to try. -- Ariel, The Alien Online

...Maul is an impressive and punchy work, in some ways reminiscent of Flowers For Algernon and the more recent Elizabeth Moon novel The Speed Of Dark -- John Berlyne, SFRevu

I haven't enjoyed a Book so much in a long time. -- Justina Robson, The Guardian