Medicine Road

Medicine Road

Charles de Lint

Synopsis of Medicine Road

Medicine Road will be a Series of linked short novels by Charles de Lint, profusely illustrated by Charles Vess. Each of the projected three volumes will feature various combinations of the seven red-haired Dillard sisters (from Seven Wild Sisters) as well as new characters introduced as the stories progress. The first Book will be set in the Sonoran Desert around Tucson, Arizona, with excursions north.

Reviews of Medicine Road


De Lint has created a rich fairy-tale where the characters, both human and animal spirit, practically jump off the pages with their own personalities, and it's a fast-moving enjoyability that doesn't suffer from not knowing the full measure of the Dillard sisters' background. -- Jo Brooks, Fantastica Daily

The Author cleverly weaves ancient myths with modern-day romance in a way that seems easy and natural. -- Mark Graham, Rocky Mountain News

Charles de Lint's new Book, Medicine Road, is a first-rate folk tale, the story of a jackalope (that's a mythical cross between a rabbit and an antelope, for the uninitiated) and a red dog whose run-in with a meddling Coyote Woman changes their lives forever. -- Hilary Leon, Bookslut

It has its impact and lingers in the memory just as long as a complex, subtly seasoned meal might. -- Grey Walker, The Green Man Review

This Book is a gem, a gift from a master storyteller. -- Donna Scanlon, Rambles