The Myriad

The Myriad

R.M. Meluch

Synopsis of The Myriad

A thrilling new military science fiction Series begins.

The U.S. Merrimack was the finest battleship class spaceship in Earth's fleet, able to stand up against the best the Palatine Empire could throw at them, even able to survive attack by swarms of the seemingly unstoppable Hive. But nothing could have prepared the captain and crew of the Merrimack for what they were about to face: Three colonized worlds-the Myriad-in the midst of a globular cluster that the Hive somehow overlooked...

Reviews of The Myriad


The pacing, the characters, the dialogue and humor make this very, very good. -- Madeleine Yeh, SFRevu

R.M. Meluch provides intense battle scenes and vivid descriptions of their aftermath in such a way that readers feel for the man and women risking their lives against an almost unstoppable enemy while also eagerly awaiting the next Book in this Series. -- Harriet Klausner, The Best Reviews

While obviously not as intense or controversial as Heinlein's Hugo Award...winning classic, this novel will prove thorougly enjoyable to fans of military science fiction Authors like David Weber and David Drake. -- Paul Goat Allen, Barnes and Noble

Fans of space opera and military SF will enjoy this novel. For readers who want their space opera coupled with good characterization and solid science, this Book may fall short of expectations. -- Lois H. Gresh,