Natural History

Natural History

Justina Robson

Synopsis of Natural History

In the far future, humanity has engineered itself into new forms capable of spaceflight, the terraforming of planets, and the exploration of the deepest oceans. Evolution has reached a new zenith, and it seems there is no environment we cannot conquer. But when intersteller voager meets apiece of alien technology in a head on collision, the results go to show that the synthesis of the human race and its own technology is not the first or the most advanced of its kind in the galaxy.

Reviews of Natural History


Robson's two previous Books have been fascinating, but I feel she has really hit her stride here. -- John Jarrold, The Alien Online

Lyrical and full of a sense of wonder, this is a highlight of this year. -- Iain Emsley, SFRevu

...this is a rather involving novel and I...m sure if you...ll get read it just to see a lot more of this reality. -- Geoff Willmetts, SFCrowsnest