William Gibson

Synopsis of Neuromancer

Somewhere, concealed by ice, Neuromancer is evolving. As entropy goes into reverse, Molly's surgical implants broadcast trouble from the ferro-concrete geodesic of the Sprawl. Maelcum, Rastafarian in space, is her best hope of rescue. But she and Case, computer cowboy, are busy stealing data from the almighty Megacorps.

Reviews of Neuromancer


Better read Neuromancer soon if you haven't already! -- Judy Clark,

...there are some stylistic and thematic elements to the novel that are overdone. -- Iain Rowan, Infinity Plus

I would recommend this Book to anybody who is tired of traditional Sci-Fi Books... -- Babel,

Gibson is no doubt the father of a sub genre of science fiction, but it is hard to see how this novel or any of its successors will have much staying power; the message they convey is simply antithetical to human aspirations. --

Buy it for it's historical value. -- Bonfire,

Those who think the world is going to hell in a technological handbasket will love this Book. Those who don't won't like it nearly as much, but should still read it to see why the other half thinks the world's in the aforementioned handbasket. -- Ken Newquist,

Gibson, for not having written a science fiction novel before this, has made a strong entry with the technology futuristic thinking in Neuromancer. -- Lana Geselbracht, Lana Geselbracht's Home Page

If you're looking for an action-packed ride through a truly believable dystopian future, this Book is for you. -- Howard Park,

If you want to read one of the pillars of modern science fiction this is an absolute must read. -- Harry Raden, OnwardElseware

Better read Neuromancer soon if you haven't already! -- Judi Clark,