Nylon Angel

Nylon Angel

Marianne De Pierres

Synopsis of Nylon Angel

In a world where the rich live behind the safety of a giant fortress wall and everyone else can go to hell, Parrish Plessis has learnt some useful survival tactics. Like don't cross Jamon Hondo - unless you want to be dead by the morning. But heck, what's a girl supposed to do when the one chance she may have of escaping from his grubby, stinking paws presents itself? Anyway, it's hard to be a saint in a city, and Parrish Plessis is sick of doing what she's told. Tonight, she's going to take her chance. Because she can't face tomorrow. NYLON ANGEL is the first Parrish Plessis novel. She will be back. When you've met her, you'll understand why.

Reviews of Nylon Angel


On her web site, Pierres cites Arthur C Clarke as a major influence on her work though I can't help feeling that John Carpenter might be considered a more obvious candidate ... certainly judging from this novel. -- Antony Wagman, SFRevu

'Nylon Angel' is a fun and exciting read once you get past the introductory chapters and while not being particularly original is refreshing enough to keep the pages turning at a furious rate. -- Martin Jenner, SFCrowsNest